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What Is A Restorative Dentist?

A Restorative Dentist is a general dentist with significant additional training and expertise with regard to treating patients with complex dental needs. With over 35 years of experience in this arena, Dr. Shaw’s experience and expertise allows him to remain at the cutting edge of sophisticated dental care.

Are All Phases Of Dental Care Rendered In Your Office?

No, by design. After a thorough and complete evaluation of your dental care needs and personal desires, careful decisions will be made regarding whether additional doctors will need to participate in your care to help maximize the potential outcome. Our objective is not to render all the care for our patients, but rather to help assure the best possible result is achieved.

What Makes Your Practice Unique?

RIDLI has developed a philosophy of care that puts the patient first. I am committed to making treatment decisions that are quality care focused, and equally committed to providing care in a compassionate manner, while always remembering that your time is just as valuable to you as ours is to us. Having provided sophisticated care for patient’s island wide, as well as in New York, for over 35 years, our experience speaks for itself. We restored our first implants in 1985, long before the art of implant therapy became state of the art. With over 1500 implants restored, few have our track record.

What Are Dental Implants And Who Is A Candidate?

Dental Implants are Titanium “root forms”, known as “fixtures”, placed into the same bone that had previously supported your teeth. Teeth, known as “implant supported restorations”, are built upon these fixtures. From one tooth to full arch replacement, implant supported reconstructions feel, look and function much like your original teeth. While most implant supported restorations are fixed (only the Doctor can remove them for hygiene or repair reasons), they can also be designed to be patient removable. Implants are an option for those who have lost one or multiple teeth, cannot chew or smile comfortably or are unhappy with dentures. Candidates should be in generally good health and are prepared to maintain good oral hygiene.

Does The Same Doctor Who Surgically Places My Implants Also Build The Teeth Upon Them?

Implant treatment involves a surgical process to place implants and a restorative process to build teeth upon them. The location and position of the implants is usually a joint responsibility, but, in my and most opinions, should be the responsibility of both surgeons and restorative doctors. Remember that with few exceptions, the adage “a jack of all trades, a master of none” holds true. We believe the best results occur not by chance, but rather by having those with great experience do what they do best.

Will I Need To Go To Sleep For The Surgery?

Most patients can be treated with local anesthesia (“Novocaine”), often with Nitrous Oxide (“sweet air”) to lessen any anxiety. For our patients who prefer and those especially anxious, I.V. sedation is available from our M.D. anesthesiology associates.

Do You Have Digital Radiography?

Yes. In addition to limiting radiation exposure, digital x-rays are state of the art, providing superior quality of diagnosis. They also allow us the added advantage of being able to share your x-rays with other Doctors who will participate in your care.

What Is A Cone Beam Scan?

A Cone Beam scan, or a Cat Scan, known as a CBCT (Cone Beam Computerized Tomography) is a 3 dimensional scan that is often essential to diagnose and plan for implant placement, often used for our more sophisticated cases. The specialists we work with have these machines in their offices and can provide this service, where needed, to maximize the outcome of treatment.

What Is The Cost Of Implant Treatment?

Every patient and every case is different. Different treatment options, all of which will be presented before determining the best option for you, will be clearly outlined financially, along with the pros and cons of each option.

Do You Take My Insurance?

It is incumbent upon us to try to maximize your dental benefits to the best of our abilities. While I do not participate in any insurance plan or on any list, due to our experience in this arena I am able to help. However, please remember that I will make decisions regarding your dental health based upon what I believe to be in your best interest, not your insurance companies, and can only do so by not participating.

What People Say About Us!

"I would like to recommend Dr. Mitchell Shaw D.D.S. to anyone looking for a great family Dentist with a soft touch and amazing talent. My family has used Dr. Shaw for over 30 years and could not be happier. His office runs like clockwork starting with his front desk and support staff all the way through his personalized dental care. His concern for his patients is obvious the first time you meet him. He is knowledgeable and makes his patients feel at ease. My family highly recommends him."
Amazing Talent!

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